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Corporate restructuring entails bringing about a strategic and holistic reorganization in the legal, ownership and operational structure of a company with the ultimate objective of unlocking value to the stakeholders.

Companies face diverse needs for corporate restructuring and encounter unique challenges to achieve the desired end results, whether it is long term development, liquidity, sustainability or providing a competitive edge in the market. An evolving regulatory landscape with unforeseen tax implications would necessitate the need for an experienced and tailored approach to take advantage of transaction opportunities and reduce exposure to risk.

The planning, timing and execution of a business restructuring plan consist of financial, tax and regulatory considerations that are critical in achieving the desired results. At Aeka, our team of seasoned professionals have the technical expertise and practical experience to provide deep insights on a wide range of tax efficient restructuring activities. We also act as project managers and take a hands-on approach to transaction management.

How Aeka can help:

Entity rationalization  |  Internal reorganization  |  M&A planning and execution  |  IPO readiness  |  ETR planning  |  Cash repatriation  |  Tax controversy and assistance