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Emerging Companies

Each stage of the business lifecycle of a company poses its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. We deeply resonate with the ideology and are immensely passionate about the fast-paced vision of founders and understand what it takes for you to be successful at each stage of your business, from idea to exit.

We advise on a broad spectrum of services on aspects including the business model, fund raises, stock options, externalization, and acquisitions across the various early stages of a company:

Seed & start-up phase: We believe in the ideology of creating a strong foundation at an early stage to ensure undisrupted future growth and assist in setting up an entity structure and business model that is compliant with tax and regulatory laws and with primary fund raises.

Growth Phase: We hand hold promoters and build a meaningful relationship along the growth journey of a start-up and provide transaction advisory services in relation to fund raises, shareholder realignments and investor exits. and also assist in the implementation of an efficient structure.

Expansion Phase: We provide assistance in handling negotiations with strategic investors, promoter or investor exits, secondary fund raises and provide end to end acquisition support. With our extensive experience, we are able to spot deal issues, identify economic constraints, risk appetite from the perspective of strategic and private equity investors. We use this knowledge to avoid prolonged debates and settle issues quickly and seamlessly.

How Aeka can help:

Business model advisory  |  Primary/ Secondary fundraises  |  Externalization  |  Share capital realignment  |  Stock linked incentives  |  Deal Readiness  |  End-to-end sale/ acquisition support