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Family Owned Businesses

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the contribution of family-owned businesses in this feat is indisputable. In order to pave the way for growth, it is important that family-owned businesses continuously identify newer avenues to unlock value. Family-owned businesses must plan for opportunities/ contingencies and be aware of the dynamic tax and regulatory framework.


We as a firm, with our vast knowledge and experience assist family-owned businesses to identify, plan and implement strategies to ensure long-term value creation at each step/ stage. We provide sophisticated solutions that enable businesses and promoter groups to Identify the needs of each business and upcoming growth opportunities, Evaluate alternate options and suggest the best course of action and Planing and implementation of the agreed structure

How Aeka can help:

Holding and ownership structures  |  Funding & investor readiness  |  Business alignment and family objectives  |  Carve-outs & reorganisations  |  Governance models  |  Setting up of investment arms

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