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Families and HNIs


The ever-changing and complex tax and regulatory environment combined with the new opportunities available in the market today it has never been more important than before for High Net-worth Individuals (HNI) to plan their investments and assess the tax and regulatory impacts of the same.

We as a firm assist HNIs and their family offices manage their investments better from a tax and regulatory perspective and achieve their financial goals.

How Aeka can help:

Identify and structure investment opportunities to enhance wealth  |  Efficiently plan their succession and enable long term preservation of the wealth  |  Residency and Immigration services


Trusts have emerged as the preferred vehicle of choice for achieving a host of objectives like enabling a smooth, dispute-free succession of wealth across generations, ring fencing specific assets from other liabilities etc., among others.
We at Aeka provide sophisticated solutions to meet various objectives of promoter groups, family groups and HNIs that enable them to create achieve their objectives.

How Aeka can help:

Setting up of family trusts  |  Migration of wealth  Family office advisory  |  Succession and Governance  |  Tax and regulatory oversight

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